The latest is ESPN’s Keith Law, who was on Dale & Holley today and said that the Sox are pretty much at the top of the pack of would-be suitors for Handsome Gonz:

I think there are very few clubs who could match the Red Sox. If the Red Sox were willing to open the cupboard and say you can have anybody, or you can have anybody except for Kelly, the Red Sox could probably match just about anybody. I really think that Boston could top anybody if Adrian Gonzalez becomes available, and he will. San Diego’s not going anywhere, so I think that Jed Hoyer at some point is going to have to say that the best way to accelerate this rebuilding year is to trade Heath Bell and to trade Adrian Gonzalez.

This is good news for fans of the Red Sox and also good news for fans of drinking. Because those of you who are participating in our proposed season-long sport of drinking whenever someone says Ade’s coming to Boston are now eligible to drink!

So drink up, my friends.