Just what guys need, a day devoted to disappointing their ladies. Because every other day of the year just isn’t enough. Let’s get something on the table right now: we know nothing about women. Whether it’s the new palpitation-inducing hottie we just met or the woman we’ve been married to for 20 years makes no difference. We just don’t know what you want from us.

Unless you can afford the Lexus with the big red bow on it or the trip to Hawaii, you’re screwed. Flowers? Chocolates? Both of those add up to a good night’s sleep on the couch. Victoria’s Secret? After the awkward scene of actually going in there and buying something, face it, it’s a gift for you. Jewelry? You might have a shot. Maybe.

So let’s hear it, guys. What was your gift? And how was it received (let’s keep it relatively PG-rated)?

Maybe I’ll get a good idea for next year…