Tonight is the night. The biggest game in sports. The most creative and expensive commercials. The entertainment spectacle of the year at halftime. OK, that’s going a little overboard, but you get the drift. Saints versus Colts should be a good game even if you don’t really care who wins. I don’t. The win would be great for New Orleans (the city) but if the Colts win…eh.

I think it’s pretty well documented that I’m the biggest mush out there. I make a prediction, it goes horribly wrong. I root for a team, they get humiliated. I pick up a guy for my fantasy team, he breaks his coccyx the next day. But none of that will stop me.

I like the Saints in this game IF they can pressure Manning the way they harassed Favre. If they get to him early, even if it means taking a couple of late hit or roughing the QB penalties, they have a shot. If Manning has time to play his game, the Saints are screwed.

All I’m really rooting for is for the score at the end of one of the quarters to end in 4’s so I win on my square.