We kinda suspected that former Red Sox Jose Offerman was starkers when he attacked a pitcher with a bat during a minor league game a couple years ago. Turns out those anger management classes haven’t paid off; Jose was channeling his inner Sean Penn once again this weekend, knocking an umpire on his ass during a Dominican winter league game. An incident that was, naturally, captured on film.

Honestly, the more I watch the video the more it looks to me like the ump just drops without Offerman ever connecting (see for yourself around the 0:46 mark). Kinda like how Chuck Knoblauch’s glove never really touched Jose back in the 1999 ALCS as far as everyone not named Tim Tschida was concerned.

Regardless, somewhere, Dan Shaughnessy is saying, “I told you so.” And I hate it when he gets to do that.