The annual Hot Stove Cool Music concert is an all-day affair in SG land. First, we get out of bed, slip off our Gammons pajamas, and sit down to a healthy bowl of Gammons Oat Crunch with several vodka chasers. Then it’s four hours of our homemade “Best of Gammons” DVDs, followed by some hot tub time with Gammons’ “Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old” on full blast. Lastly, it’s a few quiet moments before the wood-carved Gammons totem. Once we’ve achieved the correct balance of booze- and Gammons-fueled Zen, we head into town for the show.

Folks, it’s Theo Epstein, Bronson Arroyo, Bun E. Carlos, Lenny DiNardo, Bill Janovitz and the smokin’ hot Kay Hanley. Not to mention Gammons with a guitar. All on the same stage. And all for a good cause. What’s not to love?

See you there. I’ll be the drunk guy in the Red Sox shirt.