To most of Red Sox Nation, Fenway Park is a gem tucked away in a crowded city. A baseball cathedral with 36,000 worshippers present every summer evening. But do baseball fans across the country see Fenway through the same emerald-colored glasses we do? According to the gang at Stadium Journey, Fenway ranked 10th among MLB venues. Details here:

Fenway is a living piece of baseball history. It’s a really fun, interesting, and unique place to watch a baseball game. The atmosphere is electric (occasionally jolting). The park is wonderfully situated so as to give access to a whole slew of pre- and post-game activities. The Green Monster is a sports icon. There are a myriad of hidden treasures and gems to be found in the area – you could spend a week entertaining yourself, using Fenway as a home base.

I may be partial, but I think the history alone puts Fenway higher than 10th. I guess the fact that Fenway South finished first is a nice consolation prize.