Yesterday, for the few hours I wasn’t downing pulled-pork sandwiches to soak up all the Jaegermeister in my bloodstream, I spent some quality time flipping around the channels. I happened upon some live footage of Fenway Park, but I didn’t see Remy or Heidi or Youk’s beard. What I did find was a buncha guys with skates and sticks, and more pomp and circumstance than the infamous Joe Rudi Appreciation Night celebration back in ’81.

Confusion and fear set in immediately. At least until the familiar visage of Curt Schilling appeared on my screen. For those who might have missed it, here’s most of his brief Winter Classic interview, in which he spells out the differences between Boston and Philly fans. Honorable mention must go to the “semi-beard” Schill’s rocking that makes him look like young Saint Nick from Santa Claus is Coming to Town: