The winter meetings are afoot, which means news of the deals and rumors and fistfights and lobby smackdowns and chair tossings and back-alley handshakes and late night drunk-dials to Scott Boras will be coming fast and furious. Or… they might not be. That’s the magic of the winter meetings, which are often seen as a boondoggle for baseball execs to compare suits and jetpacks and chase down hookers in elaborate hovercrafts.

Regardless of what the Red Sox do or don’t do during these meetings, the best line regarding the comings and goings of major league cattle comes from Tim Wakefield in today’s Herald:

“Unless something comes across that’s really big, I don’t pay a lot of attention. We’ll be sitting in the dugout in spring training in Fort Myers and I’ll look across and be, ‘How the hell did he get over there?’”

Lastly, speaking of the Herald, one of the best headline/photo combos ever appears on today’s homepage: