I apologize for the shaky video, I couldn’t figure out how to “acquire” the quality footage (found here).

Also, Sports Illustrated has it as the second greatest play in MLB for the decade:

2. The steal of the century. Everything changed with a wink. The Red Sox were dead in the water — down three games to none in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, down a run in the ninth facing the greatest finisher in the history of the game. Terry Francona looked over at his runner at first base, Dave Roberts, and winked. The wink said: You know what to do. Roberts stole second, and everything changed: Bill Mueller singled Roberts home, the Red Sox stole Game 4 against Mariano Rivera, won an epic Game 5, then rode Curt Schilling (and his bloody sock) and Derek Lowe to overcome the Evil Empire and reverse baseball’s most famous curse.

Nothing warms me up quicker on a cold winter day than the steal… except maybe a few shots of cheap booze and a hooker.