It’s become increasingly likely that the next time Jason Bay steps onto the Fenway grass, it’ll be as an opposing player.

As Bay’s agent, Joe Urbon, explained:

“It’s pretty simple. We reject the Red Sox’ latest offer for a number of reasons but primarily the valuation of the offer isn’t where we think it should be, nor is it where other clubs have valued Jason in this marketplace,’’ Urbon said. “That’s just led Jason to be more interested in the other opportunities at this point, rather than with the Red Sox.”

Although this smacks of “come on, this time I really mean it”-itis, designed to get the Sox to dig deeper into their pockets, I, for one, would rather bid the Pale Canadian adieu than go broke supporting his addiction to strike outs.

Have fun in Seattle. I hear the coffee’s great. Plus there’s that moose thing.