And the Yankees celebrate their first month as 2009 World Champs by cracking down on all those feisty bloggers who are appropriating their logo and team name.

While the Yankees are very appreciative of their loyal and highly valued fan support, unauthorized use of the Yankees Marks that would be confusing or misleading to the public, or falsely imply some endorsement or sponsorship by the Yankees, cannot be tolerated. Although the Website purports to be a “blog about Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees,” it has clearly branded itself throughout with the Yankees Marks, including the Logo. Thus, you are not using the Yankees Marks in a permissible manner but rather to brand your own online service, and to create or imply a false impression that the Yankees have approved, condoned or sponsored the Website.

What the f@#k are you smilin’ at, Yankee Candle Company? You’re next!