In a world in which Mike Lowell can keep boomeranging back to the Sox, despite the front office’s increasingly desperate attempts to cast him out, I guess it’s not surprising to hear that Jason Bay hasn’t completely dissolved from our 2010 left field plans. The Sox still need a bat in that line-up — Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t appear to be walking through that door anytime soon — and Whitey still needs a place to hang his cleats, having realized that playing left field for the Mets would be about as awesome as a colonoscopy/Jersey Shore marathon.

I still don’t discount the Yankees factor; they’re masters of the last-minute swoop. But if Bay did work out a deal to stay, the Sox would still have Jacoby Ellsbury as a movable part if/when an A-Gon trade materializes. And they’d at least have one guy in the line-up to play GameChanger–that person who can turn the tide of any game with one swing of the bat. Otherwise, as the line-up stands today, we’re counting on Papi to be that guy, which is basically like thinking George Lucas still has any good movies left in him.

Were I Jason Bay, I’d relish the fact that I could be a rich, rich man in a city and ballpark where I know I can put up some good offensive numbers and every night is like the seventh game of the World Series and Heidi Watney’s ridiculously spectacular arse is within constant viewing range. But what do I know; I’m not Canadian.

And now, to get everyone in the holiday spirit, I present the one video that pretty much sums up the entire Christmas experience for me. A couple readers pointed out that I’d never finished up the “top twelve holiday songs” list that I started last week, but it’s safe to say that this belongs at the top:

That video was from around 2000. Flash forward to last Monday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, on which Horatio Sanz — AKA the fat guy in the previous video — reunites with Fallon to sing this song (with help from Julian “Ever heard of The Strokes? No? I was in that band” Casablancas and The Roots). Check it; dude’s lost roughly 200 pounds! To the point that I didn’t even believe it was the same guy.

Be safe at Christmas, people. No drinkin’ and drivin’. Also, don’t pull an Urbina.