So, Mike Cameron and John Lackey were officially introduced to the media. Everyone smiled, glad hands were given, all the right things were said. Both players gave the standard press conference responses. They’re both happy to be here, jazzed about winning, and excited to play in a park where every game has a “playoff atmosphere.” Here’s Lackey:

“I’m here to win. The bottom line is that I’ve always had a lot of respect for this organization from the other side. Winning is the biggest thing for me and I know the organization has a great chance to do that. Hopefully, I can help.”

And Cameron:

“From my past visits here, I kind of understand the passion people have here toward the game. I feel the same way. As much as a player, I’ve been a big fan of the game. When you go to different place you see the excitement and passion people have. I had a chance to go somewhere special and play in the World Series.”

The most alarming part of both conferences was seeing Terry Francona sporting what looked like one of those oversized “old west” coats that are favored by people in cowboy movies. The coat, which appeared to have room for DeMarlo Hale and Marco Scutaro, gave Tito eerie resemblance to both David Byrne and the dude who shot up the restaurant in The Fisher King. Personally, I think it also gave him some much-needed edge–always important when meeting the new employees. Immediately, he morphed from everyone’s favorite tea-drinkin’ grandpa to the guy who gets an extra shakedown when he walks through airport security. Well played, Teets.

Oh, and as Dirt Dogs points out, one of the fringe benefits of John Lackey’s signing is his ridiculously hot wife, Krista.

It’s gonna be a good summer, folks.