Since the 2009 season ended, the A-Gon chatter has been an amusing diversion. But from the moment the Sox sprung to life and made their first big impact moves of the winter in nabbing Lackey and Cameron, Gonzalez fever has been off the charts, with speculation running rampant that the Sox’ newest signings free up Ellsbury and Buchholz for possible west coast shipment.

Honestly, my gut feeling was that any sort of deal for Gonzalez would wait till next summer. But the latest rumor, from ESPN’s Jorge Arangure, has A-Gon set to be traded to Boston within the next ten days. So this would be the about the point where Graham Chapman comes in and says things are getting a bit too silly.

I still don’t see Jed giving up his team’s star player in his first couple months on the job. But if the man can be had for a price that includes Ells and Buchholz, would you make the deal?

I would.