I am not ready to give up on the Phillies. 2004 showed me that anything, anything at all, can happen in a seven game series. In my warped mind, last night’s win just set the Yankees up for a harder fall.

Cliff Lee brings his Yankee-killing ways to the hill tonight to try to silence the suddenly-vocal bats of the Yanks. And what are the odds A.J. Burnett pitches two good games in a row? Especially since he, like C.C last night, is going on short rest. Manuel held Lee back to give him his regular rest.

Just how much of a pussy can A-Rod be, squawking to the ump about getting hit three times in the series? Breaking news: everybody pitches you inside, douchebag. And did anyone catch that hug A-Rod gave Damon after the game? Makes you wonder…

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.