As our pal Rob at The Bottom Line noted in our comments section, the Sox will be minus A-Gon come 2010. While we were blabbering on about liberating the best of Toronto, those sneaky Canadians actually did something, securing Gonzalez to a one-year deal, and clearing the path for Marco Scutaro to join our ranks. Maybe.

But now that the Sox are short one A-Gon, it only seems fitting that management do what it can to get another A-Gon to take his place, lest we face the prospects of an A-Gon-free summer. With all due respect to Denton, if Theo and Company are gonna spend Thanksgiving Day sweet talking anyone into putting on the red, I’m hoping it’s Adrian Gonzalez.

Also, there’s his wife.

Lastly, this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my happy, healthy kids; the fact that I’ve somehow remained gainfully employed for the past fourteen years; and the loyal SG readers who’ve kept coming back for more punishment, day after day, since we raised the tent on this circus back in 2004. We will never stop working to gain your loyalty. Or to slip you the tongue when you least expect it.

Thank you.