…the New York Daily News reports that Roy Halladay would accept a trade to the Yankees. Also, Roger Ebert doesn’t mind a nice slab of cake sometimes.

The Daily News also tells us that the Sox are “engaged in talks with Florida about reacquiring” wunderkind shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Which can only mean one thing: get ready to root on Sox opening day shortstop Marco Scutaro!

Honestly, in this blur of Tug and Hermida and A-Gon, I know one thing is true: Some of the front office’s best work — like Beckett and Schilling — happened in the shadows, under the radar, and without daily updates from Adrian Gonzalez’ woodshed and “Schilling Watch” countdowns on NESN. I like to think that Theo’s working some mojo right now, fixing up something glorious and surprising and guaranteed to remind us that the guy does indeed know his shit.

Lastly, is there a more beautiful holiday tune than Fountains of Wayne’s “Valley Winter Song”?