The Yankee bats were too much for Cole Hamels and the Phillies, and to top off the suck, it was A-Rod who got things started. With the Phillies up 3-0 in the 4th and Mrs. Tex on first, A-Rod hit an opposite-field shot off a camera face to get on the board. Originally ruled a double, replay clearly showed the ball hitting the camera: home run and A-Rod’s first World Series hit was a big one. The Yankees went on to score in every inning following but the 9th, and the Phillies are now looking at a tough road to win it all.

A game three win would have been huge for the Phillies but it wasn’t meant to be. To even things up, the Phillies will need to beat C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia has been tough in the post-season but will be going on short rest. Hopefully, he’ll be going with a belly full of bite-size Three Musketeers and Tootsie Rolls as well.

Shifting to basketball for a fitting Halloween story: a bat swooped down from the rafters during the Kings-Spurs game. It didn’t end well for the bat.

Joe Blanton: just win.