The Red Sox still don’t know when Game 1 of the ALDS will be, so we not-so-patiently wait with them. Technically the playoffs start tomorrow as Detroit and Minnesota battle in a do-or-die game to see who faces the Yankees. Having to go down to the wire without the opportunity to align the pitching rotation will probably make either one of these teams easy fodder for New York.
Speaking of New York, how about them Jets? Probably not time to make Superbowl plans yet, or reserve a spot in the Hall of Fame for Mark Sanchez for that matter.
How about Rodney Harrison’s comments yesterday? Strong words coming from the dirtiest player in the NFL (as voted by the players) and a proven cheater. How about a nice hot cup of STFU?
Poll question of the day: If you had to fight one of the trainers on the Biggest Loser, who would it be?
For me it’s a no-brainer: Bob. I’m terrified of Jillian.