I gotta say, it was good to see li’l Petey out doing God’s work last night against the LA Dodgers. Although I’m convinced the Powers That Be want a Yankees-Dodgers series — which would no doubt make it convenient for those waiting to launch a killer robot strike on the Stadium — I was rootin’ for the guy to tear it up good, and he did.

Just two hits over seven shut-out innings, recalling some of his best work in our house. Shamefully, the bullpen and the bats let him down, meaning his last postseason win remains Game Three of the 2004 World Series, in which he also delivered seven shut-out innings, giving up just three hits.

Beyond that, it was tough to watch Bobby Abreu, who croaked us in the ALDS, put up nuthin’ but zeroes against the Yankees last night. But, as they say, once a Yankee, always a Yankee. Here’s hoping Bobby’s putting the cash to good use.