We were saddened to hear of the passing of AB, one of our comments section’s regulars. In tribute, we give the mic to AB’s brother, BB:

“On October 20th at 7:38am, AB went down swinging and made his final trip to the dugout. AB (AKA Andy Block) was a lot of things to a lot of people. Besides being a disagreeable bastard, he was my brother, my best friend and best drinking buddy. We were able to go to a lot of games together, ball parks were his place of worship, a true Sox fan, born into it, lived it, loved it and hated it. He got to see the Sox win it all, twice, and that meant a lot to him. The picture is from Spring Training 2009 at Fort Myers; AB on the left, BB in the middle, LB on the right. When you get a chance, drink a cold one for him.”

No need to twist my arm. Here’s to you, AB. From Red, Denton, and the SG crew.