Denton and I have a pretty piss-poor record as liveblogging goes; I think we currently stand at about 2 wins to 8,972 losses. But we’re still pretty upbeat about our chances this evening, with Jonny Lester on the hill and those cursed “thunder sticks” in the stands. The Angels are gonna want to come storming out of the gates for this one, letting us know they’re not slaves to history and that they mean business (::shakes fist for emphasis::). Our job is to be all cool and shit and put a wet blanket on them while the bats go to work. And the bats will go to work, right, fellas?

Anyway, we’ve got two ways to play: there’s the game thread in the comments section and the liveblog in the CoverItLive window. Please bear in mind that the liveblog only allows for YOUR comments to be added manually by Denton and I; so if you type something up and you don’t see it, you will eventually, once we get around to adding it. We may miss a few. Hell, the way we drink through these things, we may miss a shitload. But that’s the chance you take. When the heat’s on you. And the heat is on. Da nah nah nah nah, da nah nah nah nah.