The Sox aren’t just backing into the postseason, they’re being chloroformed, placed inside a large burlap sack, and dragged into it.

Last night, they lost their sixth straight game, falling 35-0 to the Blue Jays, then lying down in a straight line up and down the baselines so that Doc Halladay could drive an ATV over them.

Alright, it wasn’t quite that bad. Because it did prove educational, as we learned that, sadly, Tim Wakefield and Manny Delcarmen are probably best left off the postseason roster. Other than that, it was just another B-squad might in a week of meaningless games as we wait for the playoffs. And I can only hope that between now and then, the Sox find some spark, some balls, some something to rally behind. Because the way they’re playing now is making me wonder if the Angels could erase us in three straight.

Anyway, I’m off on a super secret business-type trip that will have me out of pocket until next week. So Denton will be your host for the next several days, although I will be remote posting off-and-on and, of course, Tweeting my balls off.