It’s very possible, very probable, that last night was Tim Wakefield’s final start. Given his age and physical ailments, it’s doubtful Tim will be back in 2010…although I wouldn’t be completely surprised he if gave it a shot. As far as the 2009 post-season, I can’t figure a scenario that Wake would make the roster.

His finale did not do him justice. It was a meaningless game that featured just two “regulars” in the line-up: Ortiz and A-Gon. Wake lasted just three innings of batting practice giving up five earned runs. While his final game was as awkward as watching your best friend feel up your little sister, the guy has given his all to the Red Sox.

In his 15 seasons with the Sox, Wake has compiled 175 wins, 1,867 strikeouts and 22 saves. He has done whatever was asked of him: starting on short rest, coming out of the bullpen and even closing. Off the field, Wake has been even better. He has been a tireless contributor to the Jimmy Fund, stayed completely scandal-free and just been an all-around nice guy.

I sincerely have no idea what Tim Wakefield has planned for his “life after baseball.” I truly hope he doesn’t lower himself to guesting on WEEI like Schilling does or becoming another talking head on ESPN or NESN. In my mind’s eye Wakefield spends his days enjoying his family and continuing his nice guy stuff…maybe following Mike Andrews’ lead in championing a Jimmy Fund cause. Whatever it is, I can only wish him the best because that is what he’s always given us. I’m not sure there is a classier act in the game.