So we win and the Rangers lose. Which gives us a nice 3 game lead in the wild card race. And if, somehow, we beat the Rays twice today and Texas loses their two games, well, then that lead jumps up to five games, which is right around my comfort zone.

More intriguing to me, though, is the AL East. Still unthinkable on so many levels, but just like how the right amount of Michelob pumping through my veins can push me toward the hottest chick in the club, I look at the 7.5 game gap separating us from New York and my mind runs wild with the possibilities. Especially with AJ Burnett running up a 1-5 record and 6.19 ERA over the past couple months and an upcoming three game swing through the Bronx for the Sox. This could still happen, people. I just can’t dismiss it as science fiction.

Anyway, last night found the Sox packing a lot of awesome into just five innings. A return to form by Commander Kick Ass, giving up one run and four hits through five. Meanwhile the offense gave us eight hits and nine runs, including a home run from Youkbacca.

If we can take both games today, it’ll pretty much finish off the Rays in 2009. I say we owe ’em after last year’s ALCS. And, honestly, I’ll be happy to have Evan Longoria out of my life until 2010. Eva Longoria, on the other hand, is welcome to join me anytime in the treehouse for beer, cookies and light snogging.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that readers have long assumed me to be the guy in the photo above. Although I do wholeheartedly endorse his actions, it ain’t me. I was sent this magic photo by my man Boots way back before we’d even started this blog, and I’ve long since forgotten where he said he got it. That said, if people want to give me credit for stickin’ it to the man — even if it’s just a wax replica — I’m all about it.

Positive vibes, today. Positive vibes.

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