The Magical Mystery Beard has done it again: 3 more hits (bringing his average to a lofty .316) including his 34th double, an RBI and a coupla runs scored. On top of that, our own Youk was nominated for the Roberto Clemente award, so get your ass over there and vote. Because if Jeter beats him out, there will be blood.

The Bearded One aside, we got to see another chapter in the book of Why Theo Wouldn’t Trade Clay. A solid six innings allowing three earned before the triumvirate of Wagner, Bard and Papelbon blew away the Rays to take the series. The three amigos each pitched an inning, combining for 5 strikeouts. 0 hits and a couple of walks. You can expect to see that a lot in the next several weeks.

And suddenly things are looking quite bright in The Nation. The bats are alive and well, starters not named Beckett are piling up W’s, the bullpen is a force, and Wake may be back Saturday. Meanwhile, the Yankees head to Toronto for the weekend before returning home to face the Rays. So if you thought the division race was over, I give you Bluto.