I’m busy with some super-secret work assignment and Denton is… well, I guess he’s just busy being Denton. Either way, I apologize for the lack of a new post, but I will leave you with a quick one.

Way back in the ’80s, I remember reading about an incident in which some dude jammed the airwaves of a Chicago public TV station–during an episode of Doctor Who, no less–wearing a Max Headroom mask. Because YouTube has everything short of your First Communion video, I was able to find an archive of the hijacking there. As for entertainment value, well, it ain’t Pocket Money. But there’s something very eerie and downright awesome about some dude in a Max Headroom mask talking ragtime and then swatting his bare ass with a flyswatter. Live on TV.

My question is this: With all the advancements in the home technology front since the ’80s, why the hell hasn’t this sort of thing happened more often? If you’ve got the means and the know-how, give me a holler. I’ve been looking to insert myself into Amalie Benjamin’s pre-game for years.