Heading out to Somerville tonight to catch the Living Colour reunion show at Johnny D’s. So it seemed an appropriate time to spin the iPod. You know the drill: put it on shuffle, give me the first five songs that come up. In return, I will love you forever.

The Beatles – “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window”: Seeing all the hype and pomp for Beatles: Rock Band and the re-mastered CDs, I have to ask: Who the f@#k are the new Beatles? Are there even any bands out there today who we’ll be celebrating — or even remembering — some 40 years from now? And please don’t say Coldplay or the Dave Matthews Band or I’ll jump off the f@#king roof. Maybe U2 comes close; not much else. Don’t go holding your breath for the Kaiser Chiefs’ video game in 2049.

Pitbull – “Hotel Room Service”: Stealing one of my favorite lines from the Old Testament — “You can bring your girlfriends / and meet me in the hotel room” — and putting a beat behind it? Genius.

Van Halen – “Dance the Night Away”: When Diamond Dave says you’re old enough to do it, motherf@#ker, you don’t question him. Just do it.

Aimee Mann – “That’s Just What You Are”: Ms. Mann’s sugary vocals backed by the ever-reliable Difford and Tilbrook? Yes, please. Easily one of the most criminally overlooked songs of the ’90s.

Stone Temple Pilots – “Days of the Week”: Their best song. Period.

Tomorrow, the Rays. Everyone to their battle stations.