After a loss like last night’s, “pre-2004” Red tends to take over. The guy who looks at the abomination of losing a sizable lead to one of the worst teams in all of baseball — not to mention the missed opportunity of gaining yet another game on the flailing Yankees — and starts to wonder if this Royals series will become an absolute shitshow, especially with the Byrd Man set to take on Greinke tonight.

Look, I don’t want to see our run at the East hindered by the Royals. And, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn’t be. Hell, I’m not even fully convinced that we could win the East, but just the idea of keeping it close and letting New York sweat it out and reviving the ghosts of the 2004 ALCS is my idea of a good time. So by dropping games to the Royals, the Sox are squelching my good time. Naturally, I’m going to be upset about that.

Tonight, we have to remember who we are and who they are, and act accordingly. Oh, and if someone wants to tie up Manny Delcarmen and stuff him in a locker just prior to the game, even better. I won’t tell anyone.

Lastly, here’s a video I shot with my ridiculously shitty camera at Sunday night’s U2 show. It’s “Beautiful Day” with a nice segue into the Beatles’ “Blackbird.” As you can see, “cinematographer” was never really a career option for me.