It really sucks to have to go into a series at home against Baltimore and wonder what the outcome will be. Will the power-hitting Red Sox with the solid starting pitchers and outstanding bullpen show up? Or will it be the limp-batted Red Sox who couldn’t break a pinata and a pitching staff that makes the White Sox look like Murderer’s Row who roll into Fenway?

This is the last-place Orioles who, in a word, suck. These two games should be extended practice sessions where the Sox hone their ass-kicking skills in preparation for this weekend’s Tampa Bay Elimination Party. Instead, I fear it will be a 48-hour-long experiment in alcohol abuse, TV-kicking, window-smashing and overall pre-2004 suckiness for the fans.

And for those crying over the departure of one J. Smoltz, he gave up 4 earned in 6 innings against the Brewers. I don’t miss him even a little.