Considering our well-documented struggles against Matt Garza, I had a nagging feeling that this might end up being one of those well-pitched gems that doesn’t quite go our way in the end. But then, in the top of the seventh, we prevented the Rays from plating the go-ahead run and I surrendered to the Call of the Pabst, convinced that momentum had swung our way.

Sure enough, the offense turned it on with extreme prejudice in the bottom of the eighth, scoring twice, snagging the 3-1 lead, and moving us a little bit closer to that Rays Elimination Party. A shame Buchholz, who threw seven strong, surrendering only one run, didn’t get the win. But his recent performances are making feel a whole lot better about our playoff chances in any game not pitched by Beckett or Lester.

The Rangers are in a rain delay and the Yanks are croaking the Os, but I’m feeling good about our night-cap, with Lester on the hill against Small Game James. Will we claim our fifth straight win and send the Rays to their staggering eleventh consecutive loss? Only the Ghost of Ned Martin knows for sure. And he’s not telling. So, yeah, you’ll want to tune in tonight to find out. Pants optional, as always.