I know some people question Heidi Watney’s on-field reporter techniques, and it’s fairly obvious that you won’t find her and Josh Beckett making out in a quiet booth at Sonsie anytime soon. But I don’t think anyone can deny the twin cannons of charisma and pulchritude she wields in that Olympia Sports commercial.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now; the one where the taxi driver boots a balding businessman from his cab so he can cart Heidi’s far more fetching arse to the ballpark. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being in the back seat of any vehicle with Ms. Watney, and it’s also the greatest 40 second spot ever produced in the history of television.

Ever since she arrived at NESN, I’ve been wondering when some savvy ad exec was gonna snatch her up for his own evil interests. Hell, Denton and I tried – unsuccessfully – to get her to help plug our Sox Addicts shirts (and the time we spent in prison as a result has made us better people). After watching this commercial, I expect the deluge to start any minute. She’s a natural in front of the camera and I have to admit that I crumble to a million tiny pieces every time I watch that bit where she bites her lip and rolls her eyes. I find her character utterly captivating and unquestionably believable; it’s clear to me that she truly empathizes with the business man. Yet—-and this is where the fierce cruelty of real life steps in—-she still appropriates his cab, even giving him a taunting and mildly seductive wave as she motors down the street, off to the place where beautiful people frolic and make the rules and enjoy free drinks at our expense.

I’ve never been there. But I hear it’s f@#king awesome.