Even though we're living in the world of wild card acceptance, it doesn't make it any easier to see our guys get positively owned, spanked and forced to listen to "Slim Whitman's Yodeling Favorites" by the New York Yankees.

Yesterday, watching the likes of Baldelli and Lowrie and Woodward flail away helplessly should have made me feel good — we're letting Jason Bay rest! To intensify his power come playoff time! — but it didn't. I would have liked to see us field the best possible team for at least this three game series. I know in the big picture it's supposed to make sense, but it still doesn't sit well with me. You want to see Baldelli get some action? Fine; let's give the Yanks a run, try to wrap up the wild card, then we go full-on RoccoVision until the end of the regular season.

Instead, in all likelihood, we're gonna get to see a hungry, fully-stocked Yankees team clinch the AL East against Paul Byrd tonight. And I didn't want to see that.

I know that there's a method to Tito's madness. I know that if the Sox bump the Angels and the Tigers thump the Yankees in the first round, Teets will be a genius for taking the "soft landing" approach at the end of the season's runway. But that hasn't made this series any easier to sit through.