It’ll be tough, since the guy’s certainly got a lot of incentive going into tonight’s game. First, there’s that whole Cy Young thing, not to mention his drive to set the Royals’ single-season strike out record. Then there’s the chance to play spoiler, which has more or less been Kansas City’s role since late June. He also no doubt wants to prove himself “all good” after taking a line drive off the arm in his last start against Detroit.

On the flip side, Greinke has never beaten us. And I like to think that after last night’s embarrassment, our boys would like to return the favor by pummeling the ace of the Kansas City staff. Or at least by wedgie-ing Manny Delcarmen within an inch of his life. Whatever feels better, I guess.

All I know is, the preview photos at aren’t doing either of tonight’s starters any favors.