Look, 2009 Red Sox, I’m a guy who doesn’t need a lot of extra excitement in his life. I make my own excitement, goddam it. When things get boring, I give myself a few good whacks with a car antenna. When they get really boring, I just lower the ol’ onions into a deep fryer. Sure it’s painful and, let’s face it, not quite fair to the other people who’ve been unwittingly frying things in the same oil. But it’s exhilarating in ways I can’t describe.

What I don’t need is more games like last night’s shyteshow in Toronto. I mean, what the hell was that? Commander Kick Ass pulling a Brad Penny and giving up seven runs and nine hits over five and one-third innings? Daniel Bard getting whacked around yet again? Papelbon continuing to drive a monster truck all over our already frazzled nerves?

Terrible, terrible things always seem to happen whenever we head to Toronto, and this game was no exception. At least we came up on top in what was clearly the ugliest win of the season. Especially important with Roy Halladay on the hill tonight.

Let’s just get the next two over with then get the hell back to the States. Capeesh?

Also, thanks to our readers for the birthday wishes and comments yesterday. Much appreciated.