The Sox and Tigers had been trading beanballs since last night’s game. When Rick Porcello plunked Youk with the first pitch of the second inning, Youk had finally had enough. He immediately bull-rushed the mound and tackled Porcello, inciting a benches-clearing dust-up. He and Porcello were tossed, and moments later the Sox had erased a 3-0 deficit.

The Sox went on to win 7-5 with the brawl playing a big part in the win as Mike Lowell took Youk’s spot and promptly hit two homeruns. Why isn’t he in the line-up every night?

After checking in with the statistics department at Surviving Grady Enterprises, I learned it was the 52nd time Youk has been hit in his 650 Major League games. After last night’s game pitchers might think twice about using him as a backstop.

Are you watching Joba? You’re next you headhunting little bitch.

Note: Pretend there is a cool picture of Youk locking horns with Porcello at the top of this post that I “borrowed” from Sportsline. But Blogger wasn’t cooperating…