There wasn’t much more I could have asked from Tuesday night’s game, but it turns out I missed the triumphant return of Remy to the NESN booth by one night. Either way, once the Dawg showed up, someone should have called down to the visitor’s clubhouse and just told the Tigers to call it a night. Because you don’t f@#k with that Remdawg karma and you certainly can’t beat it. This one was gonna be all Sox from the moment that all-too-familiar voice poured gloriously from the speakers. I’d forgotten how much I missed it, and I shed a couple manly tears–manly because I was holding cheap beer in one hand and phoning a hooker with the other–as the Dawgger recounted the cards and letters and well-wishes he’s received from across Sox Nation. Hell, he noted that even a few Yanks fans sent him happy tidings, proving that many of them may be better people than me (considering that one time John Sterling fell ill and I sent him a jug of warm urine and a sock filled with toothpaste).

As for the game itself, Commander Kick Ass kicked ass, collecting his MLB-leading fourteenth win. The guy is money in the bank every time he hits the mound — especially at Fenway, where in his last 7 starts he’s a staggering 6-0 with a 1.20 ERA — and, really, the only question surrounding his appearances these days is when he’ll launch the next salvo in the Watney Wars. Mike “I will not go gently into that good night” Lowell belted another home run and went 3-for-4, making the case that once Youkbacca returns from suspension, the best team to field has V-Mart behind the plate, Youk at first and Mikey at third. As Tek’s bat slowly fades to black like the end of a long, sad but ultimately inspiring film. Like Pootie Tang.

And while we’re mentioning Youk’s suspension, here’s a quick, poorly-filmed bit I shot of the brawl from the Bud deck at Tuesday night’s game. Evidently, I was more intrigued by the barbaric yawlps from the bleachers below me than the actual donnybrook. Oh, and thanks to the couple standing next to me who were arguing over a dead camera battery, the audio ain’t safe for work.

The Yanks pulled one out in the bottom of the eleventh, so we stand five and half games behind them. But I ain’t feeling no pressure, even as Buchholz gets set to face Justin Verlander this afternoon at 1:35pm.