What is it about stepping into the Trop that turns the Sox from Spider-Man to Peter Parker? From Red Bull to warm Ovaltine? From Led Zep to Ratt? Last night, we dropped yet another game to the Rays, and didn’t look very pretty doing it. So now we stand two and a half games behind the Yanks, the Rays are creeping up closer, and the wildcard race gets tighter. We still have our unbeaten stretch against the Yanks, but tonight we entrust that streak to… John Smoltz.

So here’s my deal. Seeing as how the Sox can’t motivate themselves to fire it up against their AL East rivals, and since R. Lee Ermey is busy doing other things, I’m taking it upon myself to spark… something.

And here it is: Every time the Red Sox lose on this current road trip, Imma roll this clip:

Get the picture? It’s not pretty, I admit. And it’s only gonna get uglier around the third or fourth replay. So don’t f@#kin’ lose! Don’t let them mess us up. Don’t let them whisper that we folded like deck chairs once Papigate was revealed. Let’s tear things up but good and keep them pulling out their hair in New York. We can come back home atop the East, people. It can happen. Dare to dream.

Dare… to dream.