The Red Sox have thrown out eight baserunners trying to steal this season, 103 have made it safely. Last night the Rangers swiped eight bases on Jason “he calls a good game” Varitek’s watch.

“I’m trying to get outs and make good throws,” Varitek said. “I’m making the
best throws I can make.”

Unfortunately, the only time he makes outs lately is with a bat in his hand.And his best throws aren’t good enough anymore.

Two nights ago Tito was rescued from his bad decisions by a great Red Sox comeback and a Ranger bullpen meltdown. No such luck last night.

With Youk suspended and Drew (gasp!) injured, Tito can’t afford to put automatic outs like Tek in the line-up. Could Martinez have thrown out one or two of those runners? I know I’m subjecting myself once again to the verbal abuse of the Tek-lovers, but I’m not seeing this guy bringing anything to the table lately.