Well, someone at Red Sox HQ heard my last post, as Smoltz was DFA’d this afternoon. Hey, it would have been a great story if it all worked out. But it didn’t. So we wish him the best of luck.

Now we turn our attention to weightier matters: tonight’s game. The problem with all this sucktastic starting pitching from Penny and Buchholz and Smoltz is that it’s put extra pressure on Commander Kick Ass, making his starts absolutely critical must win games. Like tonight, for example. If we drop this one, how good do you feel about Buchhy vs. Sabathia tomorrow? Me, too. So you see the urgency at play here. Beckett has got to win this one tonight if we have any illusions of getting out of the Bronx with at least a split, because I’ve already mentally logged an “L” for tomorrow. Sorry, peeps. That’s just the way I roll.

Game thread’s in the comments. Get your puffy foam hand, your beer, your war paint and your Mark Teixeira voodoo doll and dive right in.