Okay, this was the post in which I was gonna reflect wistfully on last night’s trainwreck of a loss. But, honestly, I’ve got nothing more to say. It was what it was: A thriller of a game that ended in the most sucktacular fashion imaginable. I’ll let the NESN screencap of Josh Beckett that I’ve posted above speeak for itself, even though the guy was celebrating a Sox-turned double play at the time. His expression and posture pretty much defines my state at around 1:00 this morning.

But the fact is, we can still split this series. It doesn’t seem likely, for sure. In fact, judging from his performance last Sunday against one of the worst teams in the AL, I’d say Clay Buchholz has a better chance of splitting the atom than beating CC Sabathia and the no-doubt jacked-up Yanks line-up. My early forecasts called for Tito rolling Clay off the mound in a wheelbarrow around the second inning.

But this is baseball. And strange, wonderful things can happen here. When the underdog is hungry, as Was Not Was once sang, the favorite might fall. Because anything can happen. Anything at all.

And we won’t stop. Cuz we can’t stop.