Nights without fresh baseball leave me feeling like a sack of loose change, howling at the moon, peering at the neighbor’s wife through the blinds and pulling every drawer out of the fridge to find the last few cans of PBR that I know I stashed in there somewhere.

Typically, on a night like tonight, if I’m not out hustling ass or promoting democracy, I’ll just crash on the couch, slap on the headphones and lose myself in some music. So, as I typically do on an off day, Imma throw another musical post out there.

I want you to give me one song. Just one song you think is download worthy. As in drop what you’re doing and listen to this goddam track right now worthy. It can be something new, something classic, something you cooked up on the Hammond organ in your garage. Just gimme a song that’s on your iPod (or Zune or iPhone or Walkman or reel-to-reel) and tell me in 50 words or less why it belongs on mine.

I’ll even go first:

“Girls In Their Summer Clothes” by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

I’m not a Bruce-head by any stretch. But this song, one of the most underrated tracks in his entire catalog, is a gorgeous slice of summer in convenient Mp3 format. Press play, close your eyes, and after the first few chords, you’re at an outdoor bar in Newport (or Jersey or San Diego or wherever the f@#k you hang), the ocean on one side of you, a couple pretty girls on the other, a drink in your hand, and a generous buzz slowly taking grip of your senses.

And the girls in their summer clothes
In the cool of the evening light
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by

Okay. Next?