Look, I’m a busy guy. I don’t read a lot of Shaughnessy, and have only a fleeting interest in most sports radio (AKA the drive to work and the drive back home). But for the few moments I was able to listen today, it seemed all anyone wanted to talk about was Napoleon Danomite’s column in today’s Globe, in which Youk supposedly says he hates Boston, hates the fans, wants to poison our water supply and plans to feel up your grandmother. When she’s passed out, no less!

Then I got home, drunk of course, and finally read the piece. And unless I’m missing something, there isn’t one scrap of anything revelatory from start to finish. In fact, the whole thing’s like a Frankenstein of every cliche in the book.

Playing in Boston can be tough? Check. The mood of every Sox fan swings like a pendulum? Check. Athletes, even the most unquestionably awesome, are people, too–with breaking points, just like us? Check. Snarky reference to Nomar? Check. In fact, all this one’s missing is a shot at Manny and it could have been the Cliffs Notes version of every Shaughn piece since 2001.

Incredibly, though, this shitbit actually prompted a full-on apology–or perhaps “clarification” is a better word–from Youkbacca himself, who felt the need to publicly explain that despite the vibe of this article, he lurves Boston fans and is truly living the dream as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Okay, so that’s settled.

Can we get back to the f@#king pennant race now?