Next week, Denton and I will be doing our part for the Jimmy Fund Telethon by holding a Sox game watching thing at Crossroads Ale House at the corner of Beacon and Mass Ave on Thursday night, August 27.

There’s no special “reserved room” or high-falutin’ velvet roped-off section. This is just a very informal gathering of like-minded Sox fans, with Denton and me sitting at the upstairs bar, watching the game, drinking copious amounts of booze, and collecting donations for the Jimmy Fund. If you’ve ever had a perverse desire to meet either one of us (imagine, if you will, Ernie and Bert, drunk and very pasty, and you’re close), please come on down. But mostly, do it for the cause. If yer gonna watch the game anyway, why not contribute something to the greater good?

Because we live by the seat of our pants, we can’t guarantee there’ll be prizes or any of the cool stuff the blurb on the Jimmy Fund site says there will be. But we can guarantee that you’ll feel better about yourself for helping children and families who cling to nothing but hope and prayers and the kindness of strangers.

More details next week, but consider this your heads up. Thursday, August 27, 7:00pm, Crossroads. A damn good cause.