Thunderclaps of applause spilling across the Fens and down the Pike. Jubilant drunks high-fiving strangers in the streets. Pretty girls in their Sox caps smiling for the camera. Our boys jogging off the field with hands held high. Miss Heidi poised by the home team dugout, microphone at the ready. Television sets snapping off across The Nation, as we headed off for bed without cursing the Gods or mainlining Tagamet.

It was pretty awesome. And I just want to thank the guys for reminding me what it felt like.

Tonight, I’ll be in attendance at Fenway Park, Twittering throughout, or until the blood alcohol content shuts down manual functioning. I’m hoping that the Sox can continue their winning ways, and keep my “games I’ve personally attended” win streak alive.

If you see a big, goofy Irishman, please come on up, and say, “Hey, aren’t you the dolt from that website?” I will reply, “Yes. Yes I am.” And then we can go about our respective lives, better people for having had this exchange.

Game thread starts here at 7:10pm, Tazawa Standard Time.