Yes, that is Joe Maddon. No, it is not an old photo of him before his hair turned gray. Maddon dyed his hair black in preparation for an upcoming road trip that he has assigned a Johnny Cash theme.

“I had been wanting to do it,” said Maddon, who had his wife, Jaye, dye his hair for him. “I had been wanting to do something different. We have the ‘Ring of Fire’ road trip coming up, so I was going to wait until Sunday to do it, but I thought, ‘Why not, in advance, just to get it out there, loosen things up a bit?'”

The Rays’ next road trip, a seven-game swing against the Blue Jays and Tigers that begins on Monday, is themed all black after rock ‘n’ roll legend Johnny Cash.

OK then. What next? A buccaneer theme where they all “speak pirate” and wear eye patches? Maybe a 70’s theme where they rock mutton chops, afros and platform cleats? It seems to be working for them, they’re hanging around a lot closer than I predicted.

Anyway, how about a sweep?