I can’t say anything that Red didn’t say in his post, and I couldn’t have said it better anyway. But I will share some personal experiences.

In the past I have participated in a lot of volunteer events for The Jimmy Fund. I have completed the Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk several times, I ran the Boston Marathon in 1996 to raise money, and I have chaperoned patient trips to Camden Yards. These events have been some of the most humbling, inspiring, heartbreaking and joyful experiences in my life. The courage and hope and conviction that the kids exhibit is awe-inspiring. The effort and dedication the doctors, nurses (and of course Lisa Sherber) give is nothing short of heroic.

I can only hope being around these people, even for a short time, has somehow made me a better person.

So Red and I will be there tonight, fighting the good fight.

Hey, we started this blog in 2004 and have seen two World Series Championships by the Red Sox. Anything is possible…