On paper, tonight’s match-up between Magic Roy Halladay and Li’l Clay Buchholz–perhaps the only guy in the world who makes Bronson Arroyo look Ebert-esque–doesn’t look good for us Sox fans. But I have a strange feeling that Clay is coming up huge tonight. That he’d like to do everything in his power to erase our last image of him scrambling around the bases in Texas like a boy with a paper arse. And that the emotion of facing the team that coveted him three short weeks ago may help mess up Halladay’s mojo.

Am I crazy to think it? Is it the liquor talking yet again? There’s only one way to be sure, True Believers. Check in to our game thread and follow the action live.

Speaking of which, our pal Allan at Joy of Sox interviewed me and some other Sox bloggers about game threads. I’m most proud of this answer. Because it’s true.

JOS: Tell me why game threads are positive things.

Red: I think the game threads, and blogs in general, are just another great way to bring like-minded Sox fans together. I’m happy to say that thanks to the Surviving Grady game threads, dozens of life-long friendships have been made and at least six people that I know of have gotten laid. If that makes Denton and I pimps on some level, we’re fine with that.