So we’re coming off a five game losing streak and just lost Mark Kotsay, he of the hot wife, good clubhouse karma and world’s most unstoppable catch phrase. I have to say, there was a little part of me that wondered if the Sox would be ballsy enough to waive J.D. Drew, whose paycheck-to-output ratio has been grossly one-sided ever since he stepped foot in town. But I won’t dwell on minutiae. We’ve got sun in the evening sky, the Baltimore Os in the house, and Brad Penny on the hill. New Guy LaRoche, who kinda looks like he could be the middle step in a morph of Drew into Kevin Millar, won’t be in the line-up tonight, but we’ll still pray for bats to come alive, for cleat to find ample ass to kick, and for the slow climb to the top of the AL East to begin again. Like now and shit.

There’s a game thread in the comments and we might also be chiming in from time to time via our Twitter thing. But that would mean sobriety. And we know how that goes.