I’m calling the Great John Smoltz Experiment a failure. The guy has managed just one win while compiling a 6.31 ERA. Would have been a nice story, but “Smoltzie” is starting to be a bullpen killer. I always though he looked a bit like James Taylor…now he’s starting to pitch like him. The first time he goes up against a team with a winning record, he gives up three bombs. Twenty years makes a nice baseball career for anyone.

Then we have Clay Buchholz. Dominating in Triple-A all season. Tossed a four-hit, one-run game in his only opportunity with the big club. And now he’s back in Pawtucket watching Penny and Smoltz stumble around in what should be his starts. Does anyone really think either of those guys are better than Buchholz?

Look at the track record the Sox have grooming young talent: Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Papelbon, Delcarmen. Why not Clay? Because he has options? That’s nice, especially since the Yankees have just tied up the AL East race.

It’s time.